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NEW !  Illuminated Magnetic Level Gauge - Mag-Gage

The Illuma-Mag is a Bi-Color Mag-Gage Indictor illuminator and Tracker in one design. As the float rises in the magnetic level gage chamber the illumin-ator will change from white to yellow. White being the vapor space and yellow the liquid being measured. The Illuma-Mag consist of a series of bi-color LED lights, as the Magnetic Field in the float passes a hall effect sensor it will change the color of the LED. There are no moving or mechanical parts. With a parallel circuit design, in the unlikely event that an LED is lost, the remaining circuits will continue to function.

You can also retrofit your current Mag Level Gauge with Illuma-Mag

Download a datasheet at : 


            Input Voltage 12vdc-50vdc
            Optional: 12ovac
            Power Consumption: 1 amp max
            Ambient Temperature: 175F
            Process Temperature up to 780 F
            Electrical Connection: 3/4" FNPT
     -->  Currently in FM Testing tor :Electrical Class: Class 1 Div 2 Grps B,C & D
            Estimated Life: 250,000 hrs (continuous)
            Colors: Clear: Vapor/Yellow: Liquid
            Optional Color Combinations Available

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