4 ½” Process Gauge with Monel Internals – SOLFRUNT® Model 1986

The 1986 4-½” SOLFRUNT process gauge has a Monel bourdon tube and socket and is typically used for HF service (hydrofluoric acid) during the alkylation process at a refinery. The turret style case is made of black glass reinforced thermoplastic (PBTB), has an integral wall between the measuring element and window and a pressure relieving back for increased safety. The PET case provides superior impact strength and a broad spectrum of chemical resistance and makes the 1986 perfect for chemical and petrochemical processing applications. The 1986 comes with an E-Z Fill field fillable case standard and is supplied in 21 vacuum, compound, and pressure ranges. Standard dials are single scale psi, but this gauge can be ordered with custom dials.XXX