All Welded Sanitary Gauge and Diaphragm Seal – CSTG Series

The CSTG-Series all-welded system combines the proven durability and performance of a US Gauge 656 series liquid fillable all stainless steel gauge and M&G sanitary diaphragm seal. It is 3A approved for dairy, food & beverage, biotech, and pharmaceutical application. The CSTG all-welded 316L sanitary system offers exceptional reliability and cost advantage to an individual gauge threaded to diaphragm seal as it eliminate the potential leak path and contaminants between the seal and the pressure gauge. The gauge is available in both 2 ½” (63mm) and 4” (100mm) with 316L SST internals and 304 SST case and bezel and the diaphragm is compatible with piping systems such as Ladish Tri-Clover and Cherry-Burrell.