FLT93 Series Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches

FCI’s broad line of flow switches detect, monitor and alarm on flow of all liquids and gases. FCI’s flow switches are designed for accurate, highly repeatable trip-point sensitivity in water, oils, chemicals as well as air and any gas in industrial plants and processes. FCI’s electronic flow switches have no moving parts to foul, clog or stick resulting exceptional reliability with no maintenance. Industry’s largest choice of process connections ensures compatibility and ease of installation with most every pipe type and size. They are rugged and robust to withstand outdoor installations and carry global agency approvals for application in explosive, hazardous environments. Flow switch output selections include heavy-duty DPDT relays, hermetically sealed relays, open collector and 4-20. Depending on the model, alarms/ trip-points are field configurable for flow, temperature, high or low, hysteresis, time delay and more. In addition to general-purpose models, the model FS10A is specifically designed for applications in process analyzers and sampling systems.

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