High Purity Heated Tubing

EP Pak uses the same UHP critical tubing (including dual containment configurations) Cardinal is known for in a pre-insulated and electrically heated bundle. EP Pak is delivered in long continuous spools. “Shorts” from 20’ stick tubing is eliminated and your efficiency improves.

Pull EP Pak into place, cut it to length, weld each end then power up the tracer – your installation is done. Eliminate all the intermediate welds, the heater sizing and installation, cutting and fitting the insulation, multiple crafts – just like the bare EP Coil the installed savings are fantastic. At the same time you create a critical gas delivery system that is more reliable with less maintenance.

Factory installed electric heat tracing is applied under controlled conditions and provides heat transfer efficiency and consistency that cannot be duplicated with field constructed systems. There are no cold spots created by tubing support clamps or gapping insulation.

Factory installed dual temperature sensors insure that supply and exhaust lines are operating at the desired temperature. Cardinal installed sensors are carefully located using FEA computer thermal modeling so the temperature sensors reflect actual tube temperatures. (Field installed sensors may offset operating and set-point temperatures by 15°C.)