Mixing Tip for Clamp Bonding System – Standard Series, Type SBMT

The Mixing Tip, Type SBMT is for use with the Manual Adhesive Dispensing Gun (Type SBD). The disposable static mixing tip provides thorough mixing of adhesive components during dispensing, ensuring optimal consistency and bond strength.
Designed to twist and lock onto the end of the adhesive cartridge, the mixing tip does not only provide proper interleaving of pre-portioned components but additionally pre-phasing to ensure optimum mix uniformity.
To prevent pre-mix of the adhesive, the tip integrates a barrier separating the individual adhesive components until they reach the integral mixer. If open time of adhesive in the mixing tip exceeds the adhesive pot life, the adhesive will become cured in the tip, preventing further dispensing. Removal of the used tip and replacement with a fresh tip is as simple as twisting to remove the cured tip, wiping off the end of the cartridge, and twisting a new tip in place.