Instrument Service & Repair

Equipment Recertification
Rawson provides recertification and repair of test and calibration equipment, including temperature, pressure, and electronic test equipment. Repairs can be done on-site utilizing our mobile repair facility or at one of our repair locations.

Recertification is to current industry standards (NIST-traceable reports). The manufacturers we represent offer calibration equipment that is HART compatible, including the communication software to automatically document daily maintenance progress. Clients can also rent calibration equipment and test equipment to calibrate their various instruments such as thermocouples, pressure gauges, sensors.

Asset Management
Survey and documentation programs will track the status of calibration assets from the time of purchase to retirement. Warranties will be documented with the original manufacturer before any instrument is repaired. We can provide job-site assistance with calibration needs including new and rental equipment. Pre-planning can assure that the critical equipment will be there and that it will be reliable.

Instrument Services
Rawson has more than 40 years of experience in providing various instrument related services to our customers. Our major instrument center is located in Houston. This is utilized for the assembly of standard delivery and project type orders.

Our capabilities allow us to provide:
• Assembly, evacuation, and filling of pressure gauges to diaphragm seals
• Pressure gauge certification to recognized standards
• Production and installation of custom pressure gauge dials
• Liquid filling of pressure gauges
• Temperature gauge/thermometer certification to recognized standards
• Pneumatic and Electronic transmitter calibration
• Rotometer tube, float, and O-ring swap outs

In order to meet the emergency requirements of our customers at the local plant level, many of our other locations possess the same aforementioned capabilities.