Measurement Solutions

Rawson can help you solve the many problems associated with selecting, applying, and maintaining your plant measurement needs.

Product Selection
We will provide assistance with the specification of your sensors for flow, pressure, temperature, level, and analytical applications. Local offices will assist in the selection of correct product and provide the necessary training for product selection, installation, operation and maintenance.

This group contains the analytical products as well as those that control and measure level, flow, and combustible levels of gases, regulate pressure and temperature, protect tanks from overpressure and explosion, and finally RPM’s and vibration.

Measurement Communication & Compatibility
We offer our customers the option to choose the best fieldbus protocol for most applications along with special solutions for Intrinsic Safety – simply Freedom of Choice.

Lifecycle Maintenance
We offer our customers tools such as sizing software, layout tools (Fieldbus), and Device Management Tools to support their measurement devices through their lifecycle from planning, configuration and start-up to diagnostics and maintenance.