Valve Automation Solutions

Valves are the most energy consuming devices in the process loop. Our factory-trained sales engineers work directly with our customers to identify system requirements, size and select the right valve and provide any additional services, software or training to assure long-term results.

Customized Flow Control Solutions
Rawson has over 20 years of experience in providing valve automation to our customers. We have experience with products as simple as locking handles to products as complex as digital valve diagnostic and communication packages. Whether the valve is linear or rotary, on/off or control, Rawson has the products and expertise to ensure that the assembly meets your needs. We are also capable of providing pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and electric actuation.

Our company has aligned itself with many of the largest and most successful valve and actuator manufacturers in the world. These relationships allow Rawson to competently and competitively provide the valve/actuator/accessory packages that you require. Taking it one step further, Rawson is able to marry products we represent with those we don’t and, as a result, provide you with a complete, fully-customized flow control solution.

Whatever your application requirements, Rawson is ready to help.

• FM/CSA Approved Assemblies for Burner Management Applications
• Severe Service Valves
• Rotary Control Valves
• Linear Control Valves
• Lined Valves
• Intelligent Valve Controls
• Pneumatic Actuation
• Electric Actuation

• Electro-hydraulic Actuation
• Volume Tanks

• Manual Overrides
• Lockout Devices
• Partial Stroke Safety Systems (SIL3)
• Solenoid Valves
• Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Systems
• Speed Controls
• Volume Boosters

Valve Assembly Services
We have two major assembly centers located in Houston and Baton Rouge. These are utilized for the assembly of larger size valves, standard delivery orders, and project type orders. Many of our other locations are capable of assembling products in order to meet the emergency requirements at the local plant level.

Valve Maintenance & Repair
Valves repaired by our program are brought back to original factory standards with full warranty. We can provide pick-up or on-site repair with our mobile repair facility.

Our team can provide “cradle-to-grave” asset care. This service includes the documentation and predictive maintenance scheduling of the installed valve population. This solution will provide prompt service for repair or replacement strategies that will help keep plants on-line. We can provide all the Bus Network system valve communication terminals and components.

Valve Brochure
To learn more about our valve and valve automation solutions, click here to download our brochure.